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Because a VLE that’s good enough is not good enough. How does your VLE stack up against Canvas?

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Level up to the VLE that gets used (and loved)

What good is a VLE that nobody uses? (Hint: No good whatsoever.) Well, besides being awesome and open and easy, Canvas is the VLE that gets used.

Middlesbrough College:

"Middlesbrough is really getting its money’s worth out of Canvas. We have a 97% adoption rate in the first year. It took us more than a decade to reach this level with our old system. Ensuring adoption was an involved and complex process, but the usability, flexibility and clear benefits that Canvas provided were invaluable.”

Head of Digital Curriculum at Middlesbrough
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Fontys ICT:

“I love working with students, and giving them the chance to get a head start in the world is great. These are students who are going to change things, and we need to deliver education which helps every one of them succeed on their own terms. Doing this is a massive plus for society, and Canvas is helping us meet these goals.”

Course Director at Fontys ICT
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It’s hard to take education to the next level if your VLE only has one.

Why settle for a VLE that’s “good enough”? Is it the hope that it’ll magically deliver that long-promised, never-delivered, cutting edge user experience? Let’s face it: if your VLE was a video game, you would’ve stopped playing a long time ago. You might have even chucked the controller at the wall. Stop chucking controllers and read about a more sane approach.

University of Hull:

"We knew that there was no point moving from the legacy system unless there was something better out there, and Canvas showed that change wasn’t just beneficial—it was crucial."

Head of Technology Enhanced Learning, University of Hull
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Grimsby Institute:

“We were looking for a robust system which would be less intensive to manage and offered us more reliability–and Canvas delivered this in spades. The ease with which Canvas could be accessed on a variety of devices, including a mobile phone app, was also particularly compelling."

Group Director of Digital Learning Technologies at Grimsby Institute Group
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It’s simple. Either you can have a rigid, inflexible VLE designed to bleed your budget by trying to offer every piece of campus technology you ever might even think about sort of needing. Or you can have Canvas, which was was designed from the start to be an integrated, flexible learning platform. We focus on a better teaching and learning experience, partnering with industry-leading solutions to meet your needs.

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